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8 Ways to Boost Your Home Value

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Many of us hope to find our forever homes, but you’ll likely live somewhere else before you get there. Even if you don’t plan on staying in your current home forever, it’s still a huge investment. You want to feel comfortable and happy while you’re there, but you also want to be able to get as much as possible for it when it’s time to sell. 

There are many ways that you can improve your home’s value, whether it’s through major renovations or smaller DIY projects. Here are eight ways to boost your home’s value when you’re ready to sell it. 

Improve Your Curb Appeal

A house that looks bad from the outside can have potential buyers driving right past it. This is the first thing buyers notice, so it’s important that you get your first impression right. The most common advice for people looking for ways to boost their home’s value is to work on its curb appeal. If you have the space for a garden in front of your home,  some flowers or small shrubs can instantly make your home look more attractive. Even if this isn’t an option, making sure your lawn is on top-shape can make a huge difference on its own. For something more major, consider investing in new siding if yours is getting too old. Old windows and doors can also be obvious from the outside, so they should be updated as well.

Create More Space 

Some buyers want a new house because they want something smaller than their current home, but many are looking for the opposite. As a family grows, they tend to look for houses with more space, or small households might want a bigger space for their possessions. If your house is on the smaller side, you might benefit from an addition when you’re selling it. One extra room in your house can have a huge difference, especially if it’s an addition like a sunroom. 

Make it Energy-Efficient

No one wants to spend a fortune each year to heat and cool their homes, or for any other utilities. Because of this, making your home more efficient is one of the best things you can do to boost its value. This also becomes more important for buyers as people want to find more ways to live environmentally-friendly lives. There are many ways you get work towards getting your home more energy-efficient, but one of the best is getting a new installation. With installation you can rely on, you won’t have to worry about outside temperatures getting in or make your HVAC system work harder than it has to.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Every room of your house is important when you’re trying to sell, but the bathrooms are especially important. Styles can change and quickly make your bathroom outdated, but frequent use and exposure to water can also require a renovation. Every detail of your bathroom can make a difference, but especially bathtubs and showers. These have to be not only functional, but also relaxing. Everyone dreams of having the perfect bathroom, and buyers will be ready to pay for a luxury like that. 

Finish Any Important Repairs

Fixer-uppers are extremely common, but there are still many people who don’t want to have to do any major renovations on a home. If your home needs expensive repairs done soon, buyers might lose interest because of the hassle, or they might expect you to lower the cost for them. Homeowners who already know that there are urgent repairs, like a new roof, or will need to be done soon should take care of it themselves before selling. Buyers could be willing to pay more for a home that’s fully up to date in terms of repairs. 

Turn it Into a Smart Home

Just a few years ago, it may have seemed like something meant for far into the future, but today, smart homes are a reality for many people. A smart home might not be a requirement for many buyers, but it can be a huge benefit to have. Changing your home into a smart home can be a great way to set yourself apart from the competition and make buyers more willing to spend more for your home. Many of the changes you can make to turn your home into a smart home aren’t as complicated or expensive as you might think, but it can still help boost your home’s value. 

Update Your Kitchen

Like your bathrooms, buyers will be paying extra attention to your kitchen. Many think of the kitchen as the heart of the home, so you can be sure buyers are paying attention to yours. If there’s one thing that can really draw buyers in, it’s a stunning bathroom. Some kitchens might require a huge renovation where everything needs to be gutted and completely redone, but others might need some small changes like a new backsplash or a new paint color on the cabinets. 

Make Some Cosmetic Updates

Not all the ways to fix up your house have to be difficult, it can be as simple as just making it look nice. You want your home to look its best when buyers walk through, and this is something you can likely do yourself. If it’s been a while since your home’s last cosmetic update, now is the time to refresh it. This can be something as simple and fresh coats of paint throughout the house or even a professional deep cleaning to make everything look like new. 

Get Help Funding Your Home Renovations

Renovations will benefit you in the long run, but until then, they can be a huge expense that you might not be able to take on by yourself. If you have a home improvement project planned that  can help boost your home’s value, let Homeowner Funding help. We can work with you to get funding that will make your renovations possible.

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How to Finance a Home Renovation

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

The job of a homeowner never feels like it’s fully over. No matter how much work you put into your home, something else always seems to come up that quickly requires your attention. There’s no doubt that a large amount of time and work goes into the basics of taking care of a house. You have to put in this work just for upkeep, but you’ll have to do even more to turn it into a house you love. Every house requires repairs and cosmetic renovations from time to time, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

Renovations can always cause stress when parts of your home are being worked on or if you’re taking on the hard work yourself. They can also cause a significant amount of financial stress. Most renovation projects come at a huge cost, so paying for it out of pocket isn’t usually an option. 

Here are a few ways you can finance your next home renovation. 

Credit Cards

Your mind might go straight to credit cards for anything you aren’t able to pay for right away. Most of us rely on our credit cards to cover the costs of everything we need frequently. While this can be a huge help, it can also cause you some problems down the road. Paying for a home renovation with a credit card can lead to extremely high interest rates on top of the already expensive cost of the renovation. If you have a major renovation, a credit card is likely not going to be a good choice to pay for it. However, this can still be an option if you have smaller home improvement projects, like new paint or minor repairs. 

Homeowner Loans 

The way many people can finance their home renovations is through homeowner loans. These loans are similar to any other type of loan you can apply for, but are meant specifically for home renovations and repairs. This gives you easy access to the funds you need to pay for your renovations and gives you the chance to pay it off over time later. Homeowner loans can also be incredibly flexible, you can do what you want to your home, rather than giving control of your renovations to your lender. 

Refinance Your Mortgage 

To afford a large purchase, many people decide to refinance their mortgage. You’ll still have to pay off the new mortgage, but you won’t have to worry about taking on an additional loan. It’s common to refinance your mortgage for many reasons, but you should only do it under certain circumstances. Unless you’re refinancing for a lower interest rate, you should try to avoid refinancing. If you aren’t smart about refinancing, you could end up paying significantly more for your mortgage than you would have.

Apply for a Government Grant

Some might be able to qualify for a government grant to cover the cost of their renovations. A grant can be much more beneficial than a loan because you won’t have to pay back the money that you’re given. Getting money to complete your home repairs without having to worry about paying it back might seem like the option everyone should do. However, few people will be eligible to receive a grant for their home improvement project. Government grants can be an option for the elderly or people with disabilities to make their homes safer, for people looking to make their homes more environmentally-friendly, and more. With a grant, you might also have more limitations regarding what types of renovations you’ll be able to do. 

Homeowner Loans Made Easy

A homeowner loan is the best option for most people who are looking to take on home renovations. This gives homeowners the funding and freedom to improve their homes how they want. While this is often the best option, many people might be wary of it because of how difficult applying for a loan can sometimes be. At Homeowner Funding, we want to see homeowners get the funding they need to create a dream home, which is why we work hard to make the process as easy as it can be. 

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How to Pay For Home Improvements

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

People all over the country dream of the day they can buy their own home. Finally buying a home for yourself can be a great feeling, knowing you have a place to call your own and no longer need to worry about renting. However, being a homeowner comes with plenty of challenges. One of the largest concerns that people run into as homeowners is doing home repairs and improvements. Needing a repair of any size can be stressful enough, but figuring out how to afford it is another problem itself. 

Home improvements can quickly get to be extremely expensive and many homeowners can’t afford it on their own. This can cause a lot of problems, as many home repairs aren’t simply something you want, but something your home needs. If you’re trying to figure out how you’ll pay for your next home improvement project, here are some common ways people do it.  

Do It Yourself

One of the easiest ways of affording home improvement projects is by doing it yourself. Of course, this doesn’t work for every project, but it’s something to keep in mind when you’re able to do it. Many smaller home repairs and improvements are things that you can easily take on by yourself. Tasks like painting the walls, for example, might be something some might prefer to hire someone to do, but if you’re physically able to do this, there’s no reason to spend more money on a small improvement. For other home repairs, you might be able to do just enough until you’re able to afford a professional to come in. 

If there are improvements that require more skill than you might possess, you might have a friend or family member who’s qualified to do it. While you’ll still have to compensate them for their expertise, you’ll likely be able to get the job done for much less than hiring a different professional. If you’re struggling to afford your home repairs, using resources like this that are already available to you can bring costs down significantly. 

Dig Into Your Savings

Ideally, if you need home repairs done, you could reach into what you have saved up to cover the costs. Savings accounts are a great way of paying for home repairs if this is something feasible for you. Of course, this isn’t always possible for everyone. If you have major repairs that your home needs, this might be more than you have saved up.

For smaller repairs and improvements, taking something out of a savings account might be the best way of paying for it. You might not be able to reside your house or add on a new room with this method, but you might be able to do some aesthetic improvements, like new cabinets or flooring. This might also be the most stress-free way of paying for improvements, since you’ll be for it and be done. 

Get a Home Improvement Loan

For home improvements and repairs that you just can’t manage to pay by yourself, a home improvement loan is the best solution. This provides you with a personal loan that can help you cover the costs of many of the important home repairs that you need. This can help you tackle the major improvements on your list, like a new roof. Home improvement loans make it possible for you to get the amount you need when you need it and then pay it back over time. You can get a home improvement loan relatively quickly to get your repairs and improvements started as soon as possible.

Getting a home improvement loan might seem difficult, but it’s easier than many people think, as long as you’re getting it from the right place. At Homeowner Funding, we know how important it is for homeowners to get access funds that make it possible to afford home improvements. Our goal is to make affording home improvements as easy as possible for our clients. We can help you get funding for a variety of different home improvement projects so that you have whatever assistance you need. 

Don’t worry any longer about how you’ll be able to pay for your next home renovation projects. Contact Homeowner Funding today to apply for a home improvement loan.