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2021 Home Renovation Costs: Is It Worth It?

By Joe D. | September 3, 2021

Every homeowner comes to a point where they must decide whether they want to open up their wallets and undertake a renovation project. Even if you’re going to pack up and move, you’ll need to decide whether it would be lucrative to upgrade your dingy bathroom or old-fashioned kitchen to increase your return on investment. […]

Home Renovations: DIY vs. Hiring Professionals

By Joe D. | August 30, 2021

Does your home have outdated features or older rooms? It may be time for a home renovation to increase your property value and keep up with the current trends. DIY or “do it yourself” projects can be cost-effective if you want to save money. However, some renovations are better off in the hands of a […]

Top 4 Ways To Pay For Your Landscaping Project

By Joe D. | August 27, 2021

Landscaping projects are expensive. Paying for the labor of the landscape contractor and the landscaping companies they work for racks up the bill without even considering the price for materials. At Homeowner Funding, we understand the stress of figuring out how to cover the project costs and the maintenance costs for upkeep after the project […]

8 Proven Ways to Increase Home Value

By Joe D. | August 24, 2021

Home improvements increase the value of your home whether you plan to sell next month or next year. We at Homeowner Funding are here to give you tips on the best way to boost your home and help provide the funding.  Below, we list eight ways to increase the value of your home. We guarantee […]

How to Budget for a Home Renovation

By Joe D. | August 17, 2021

Creating a budget can be rather difficult, especially when it comes to new projects. Knowing what you want is the easy part, but figuring out how to manage the cost is usually another story. What is the secret to a proper renovation budget? Details. From including shipping costs in the calculations to knowing exactly how […]

Is Building a Garage a Smart Investment?

By Joe D. | August 10, 2021

When it comes to homeowners’ reasons for adding to their homes, increasing property values is at the top of the list. Even so, many people overlook the ROI of an attached garage. Even those aware of the return-on-investment can be unsure of how to get funding for a plan of this size. For homeowners interested […]


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